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A fresh, dynamic and cool style for a woman who loves to dare with elegance.

Sarah Chole can boast a number of success in the total look clothing sector that is attentive to the Charm and Quality of Made in Italy, and interprets the needs of a woman with a free and metropolitan spirit, who knows how to express herself without fear of confrontation.
Today, Sarah Chole satisfies its customers in more than 600 stores, boasting an international female market for over ten years. Proposing an energetic and versatile style, but
dynamic and in continuous development. The Sarah Chole look adapts to every event with character and personality, telling the story of a confident woman who knows how to treat herself with taste.


The dynamic style of sarah chole is a combination of the spirit of Enterprising Woman and the Taste of Made in Italy, that finds its strength in Quality. Each collection represent every shades of femininity and defines a determined and charismatic Woman, with a fresh look and in harmony with the city life. She is a self-confident Woman, a citizen of the world, who knows that every detail expresses her unique character: Seduction, energy and elegance are the secrets of her success and determinate the style of Sarah Chole.


Sarah Chole was born in 2005 from an intuition of the Affirmed Entrepreneur Raffaele Casillo: giving shape and personality to chic and enterprising women who never ask, but conquer with character what they deserve. Thanks to the more than twenty-year experience of its founder, Sarah Chole establishes herself in the Female Total Look market by finding the best proposals to enhance the Free Soul of her Clients, always careful to express Energy with Elegance and Charm. Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Naples, Bari, Catania are just some of the cities in which Sarah Chole achieves Success, boasting Complete Collections of clothes and accessories, excellent value for money, as well as constant attention focused on creativity.
In short Sarah Chole begins to dictate Trend, demonstrating how a revised version of Made in Italy, fresh, young, determined, can conquer not only Italy, but also Europe: Monaco, Madrid, Lisbon, Athens, Moscow and many other European capitals begin to wear Sarah Chole, confirming the superiority of the Italian style. Today, Sarah Chole has more than 600 stores, continues to invest in a rapidly developing international market, regularly organizes fashion shows with well-known faces of the show and never tires of satisfying its customers, who have found in Sarah Chole a winning bet for their look.

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